A few months ago, one of the members of our team found in an online chat that someone thought they saw mothman on a light pole close to a Taco Bell in Hickory Hills, Illinois.

Not too long after hearing about this encounter, we decided to take a trip to Hickory Hills, and we found the area that was described. We made sure to keep a very close eye on the top of structures, like light poles and buildings.

If you want, you can watch our search in action on YouTube.

Unfortunately, we didn’t see mothman on any of the structures, nor did we find anything that could look like mothman. And of course, while we were looking, we had some tasty nachos from Taco Bell 😋.




I like to share my self-improvement experience. I also like looking for paranormal activity (Weird Around Illinois on YouTube)🙂 sc1560@outlook.com